How The IT Landscape in Cluj Looks Like Today

Andreea Laza
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Jul 12, 2018
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While in the beginning it was growing at the same pace as the other main Romanian IT centers from the province, Iaşi and Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca managed to take off and gain a considerable advantage over the past recent years. Now the IT industry in Cluj-Napoca has reached an amplitude that allows it to be considered the main IT business pole after the capital Bucharest, shows The National IT Market Survey conducted by ARIES Transilvania's IT Cluster. A feature that characterizes this IT center, is the higher share of software building companies (CAEN code 6201) compared to the national average.

The number of IT companies in Cluj-Napoca has grown by 75% as of 2011, well above the national average. If we take into account the new emerging IT start-up companies sustained by government programs such as the Start-up Nation, we can safely say the companies have doubled. The percentage of Cluj-Napoca based start-ups is higher than the national average, which shows the infusion of youth in IT and all the advantages that come with it, another trump that Cluj-Napoca played to gain its nationwide IT hub title.

The 1.235 IT companies in Cluj-Napoca have a total number of 14.036 employees, accounting for 8.7% of the total employees in Cluj-Napoca (161.610 in 2016 - according to the National Statistics Institute data). Thus, 1 out of 11 Cluj-Napoca employees work in IT. If we take into consideration other work forms (PFA, micro-enterprises), in 2016 the number of Cluj citizens working in IT exceeded 20.000 people.

In Cluj-Napoca more than 3000 specialists in IT engineering, mathematics and communications are trained each year and the predictions show that in the upcoming period the need for specialists will increase. This high demand is in direct relation with the increase in the salary packages offered on the local market. Specialists say that innovation should be the main focus of the IT companies in Cluj-Napoca. This way Cluj can offer IT solutions for the global market and distinguish itself on this niche.

There are a growing number of IT events in Cluj every year, some of which already have a tradition and a reputation. Take Techsylvania for instance. It's safe to say that the interest in the IT field of Cluj-Napoca is and will remain very high for the years to come. Over 100 companies, institutions and organizations attended the Tech Fest Festival 2017, held in Cluj. In addition, the event was also attended by over 3000 participants, from IT specialist to entrepreneurs, managers, high school and university teachers to students.

As a recruiting IT company in Cluj with more than 7 years of experience, we can say that the local IT market is continuously growing and evolving. Companies are looking for highly trained IT specialists that offer great quality work and the latter dispose of great job opportunities in our city. Which makes us only happy to be a part of this growing trend and help companies meet their desired specialists.


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