Our Thoughts from the Team building and Wishes for 2018

Erika Kósa
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Jan 17, 2018
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December is a month full of wonderful surprises and magic. But for us it was also filled with things to prepare, plan and do for our annual teambuilding. Our destination? Given tis’ the season, we had to head out to the mountains. So we chose Păltiniș, a wonderful ski resort and a great winter destination for our teambuilding weekend. But let’s start from the very beginning.

This time, we decided to outsource Azimut's teambuilding services so we could all participate in games. That's because last year I was both the organizer and games moderator, and I did not have the opportunity to actively participate. We chose Azimut because from our first discussion, we saw that they are real professionals who know how to put together activities that generate cognitive/behavioral de-clicks and enhance team efficiency. I know this is psychology talk, but in short, they were the right peeps for our teambuilding, and we highly recommend them to anyone!


Together with Azimut we set the goal of the teambuilding and split the activities in two parts. The first part was filled with fun activities and the other with engaging tasks for trust build, exploring creativity and enhancing problem-solving skills. Although we don’t have communication problems there are other aspects we want to work on, given our goals for 2018. This year we will have management/coordinating positions promotions, so we felt it’s important that our girls experience how it is to coordinate the entire team.

Our 3 days of teambuilding were filled with fun and engaging activities that we wish to share with you. So let’s begin.

Teambuilding day 1

Azimut moderated the games on the first day of the teambuilding, after which we did a quick debriefing, that energized us for the next two days. We started off with an indoor activity, and then we went out into our yard to play a very fun and useful outdoor game.

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Afterwards, we went on to resuming once again the Human Direct values and the team goals. We always make sure we repeat them so that we get confortable within the Human Direct culture and easily reconnect.

The second game we played made us reflect on our roles as team members. Namely on how we can help each other and how to abstain from overlapping with our colleagues. Besides paying attention to team roles, this game helped us focus our attention on time-management solutions as well.

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In the evening we were off to Păltiniș resort in Sibiu County where we would spend the weekend wonderful in the beautiful mountains. And play in the snow, alright! :)

Teambuilding day 2

Thrilled with the wonderful results we had on the first day of the teambuilding, I decided to increase the difficulty of the exercises and make them more challenging. Even so, we managed to break a new record in accomplishing the tasks and finishing the exercises. I was very happy to see that we are a very synchronized team with great communication skills.

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From my experience as an organizational psychologist, I can say that in most companies communication is the weakest link. This lack of communication can eventually compromise the overall team results and lead to internal conflicts. Fortunately, this was not our case. No sir! On the contrary! Once again, we had the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture and the main team goals. That is, to improve our time management and find solutions for difficult situations with regard to task prioritizing. With games, of course :)

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Teambuilding day 3

My aim was to design a teambuilding that is equally fun as it is challenging. So, besides the skill developing exercises I made sure we had some time off as well. Given the location, we had to explore the natural scenery, so that is exactly what we did. We enjoyed a great winter hiking through the snow, up to the Platoș arena.

Fresh air, physical exercise and connecting with nature is sometimes all you need to fully recharge and start anew. And then, of course, we had to give the fresh snow a little test, as you can see from the pictures below.

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The last thing we checked on our list was building a giant snowman together, for our lovely daughter Greta, who is the youngest member of the Human Direct family.


At Human Direct we emphasize a lot on the human approach of doing business because it’s the people who make things happen. That’s why we feel more like a family, rather than a company. And this is the core value that we want to share with our clients as well.

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Thoughts of the Human Direct Team

The long awaited annual teambuilding has gone by so fast. Still, it was a fruitful experience for each and every one of us. Here are our thoughts, so you can get to know each team member better and see the actual people behind Human Direct.


“For me, this teambuilding was a series of energizing activities due to the many physical games that I very much enjoyed. The entire teambuilding was a reaffirmation of the fact that we are a very efficient team that bonds very well even when we are challenged with new tasks and activities. It seemed normal and natural for us, but from the feedback I received it was clear that such harmony is not so common amongst working teams. The lesson I’ve learned was to truly acknowledge and value our progress thus far regarding communication, mutual trust and the dedication with which we address every challenge. Together with our work ethics, these are rare values that must be celebrated and preserved.”



„This Human Direct teambuilding was the first one I’ve attended. Although I've had many previous occasions (in other companies), to take part in this type of events, I am not a big fan of mandatory communication and I don’t enjoy fun in an informal (forced) context. However, I knew from the very start that this won't be the case with Human Direct. The team building weekend was a great chance for me to find out more about my colleagues and to let them know me better (since I am the latest addition to the team) but also to appreciate the great working relationships we have. It was a pretty eye-opening weekend for me, because every activity we did allowed me to be my true self, in a trusting environment with people that I hold dear. It should not be taken lightly that we managed to finish all the games in record time, with all the harsh „conditions” (blindfolded, leg tied or constantly on the run). What I also found out was that we are great snowboard posers, highly creative Dixit players, the loud laughing bunch at a restaurant, and fierce advocates of own opinions, yet easily to tame with solid arguments.”



“It was my second teambuilding at Human Direct and I’ve noticed for me is always such a great opportunity to get to know each other better and have fun (especially in the evening time playing Dixit). Throughout the weekend we played many games that got us out of our comfort zones. They’ve also made us realize how good we work together as a team and how well we bond and interact. We also had activities that required teamwork, "problem" analyzing and searching for solutions that have direct application in our day-to-day work.”



“It was interesting for me to experiment how it feels to be the game leader. I had to direct my people through a field full of obstacles, with the goal to find the hidden targets. The difficulty derived from the fact that I could not ask my colleagues how they felt and whether the rhythm I set was OK for them or not. Moreover, Erika made the trail more difficult by reversing the order of the targets (that I had to memorize anyways) and challenging me to lead the team with my eyes closed. Although at times we were heading in the wrong direction, I knew I had to inspire trust in the team, and assure them that together we’re able to get back on track and find the next target. We all had a lot to learn from these games. I was happy to see that there was mutual trust to begin with, at the debriefing. I got mostly energized by the last exercise, which inspired me to come up with some extremely valuable solutions to streamline the work of our team; in addition, I got a few great ideas for new IT/extensions that I will be developing for Human Direct.”


My Conclusions

I have to be honest. After the teambuilding weekend, I returned home much energized, especially after seeing the great results of my team. I am more confident in mt team than I ever was before. Also, I am 100% positive that in 2018 we will see some amazing results, and we will enter an ascending trend that will continue for many years to come. Our „human approach” showed through every exercise and game we played, which makes me extremely happy. It was also a lot of fun and I feel thrilled and blessed to have such an amazing team with me. You are my partners, right hands, colleagues, family and friends altogether! So a big „Thank you” to all of you!


What's next for Human Direct?

Our last training revealed once again that we are a solid team with big goals. Our main focus is the candidates’ needs, our clients who are looking for a job in IT. In 2018 we want to continue on this path, and offer them the best opportunities that match their needs perfectly. For this, we are working on implementing new procedures that will help the IT candidates make better and easier decisions, without feeling pressured in any way. These procedures focus on providing more technical information about the jobs, yet keeping it as humanly and simple as possibe. The human approach is our most important value and we’re taking this with us in 2018!

Our numbers and statistics show that these new procedures are here to please our candidates by offering them a whole new job searching experience. Which is our ultimate goal!

Although we have managed to create a better and streamlined experience for them, this implied more working hours and higher costs on our side. Which we don’t regret, by no means, because our efforts are focused on to the individual needs of each and every candidate that knocks on our door.

Regarding the time and efforts we allocate for each candidate at Human Direct, we will tell you more about it in a future blog. Last but not least, on behalf of the team, we wish you an amazing 2018 filled with synchronicities, success and happiness all the way!

Erika & The Human Direct Team


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