Lilly Bindeanu

Cluj DevOps MeetUp

Yesterday we had the chance to participate at a meetup for DevOps professionals in Cluj. It was a great way to meet with enthusiasts and learners.

The first part involved Liviu Damian's presentations "Code your Infrastructure". He gave us an insight on configuration management (Ansible, Chef, CFEngine, Puppet, SaltStack), continuous deployment (Spinnaker, GoCD), infrastructure orchestration (Packer, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Heat). More than this, he even presented an interactive demo about how Packer, Ansible and Terraform work.

The second presentation was held by Alexandru Sabau about "GitHub Enterprise". His focus was on the benefits of GitHub's Enterprise services and how it brings improvements to security (this might be an eye-candy for large corporations).

We would like to congratulate Liviu Damian and Alexandru Sabau for this great initiative and invite you to follow their future events.

You can take part with your own presentation and share your knowledge.

It was a great experience for us.