Samsung Display Technology Innovation - What an evening!

Anne-Lise Brown
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Apr 20, 2023
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Samsung Display Technology Innovation was a blast! And for this, we can’t thank you enough. The energy in the room was louder than music and technology altogether.


Yesterday’s event brought us great joy and we hope you too are still charged with good energy. It was amazing to witness music and technology joining forces at the beautiful event hosted within the Music Gallery exhibitions. This intimate, private event was intended to provide a harmonious context for IT specialists and managers and the representatives of Samsung to socialize and exchange insightful ideas. Last-generation devices were showcased, and, of course, plenty of technical questions were asked and answered, but this doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of room left for humor, laughter, and networking. On the contrary, these were last night’s signature!


Meeting candidates and partners in person made us realize everybody looks younger than they do on Zoom (great news!). It probably helped that the atmosphere was so refreshing and that everybody was smiling, unlike during interviews and meetings about vacant IT roles where we’re all about business.


Our partner, Samsung, is the biggest and most innovative producer in the displays industry and brought for the first time in Cluj-Napoca the latest technologies, such as special devices for content creators, monitors for competitional gaming, and solutions to streamline the work of IT professionals. The Samsung representatives were very excited to see how proactive and open IT specialists were from the very beginning. In just a few minutes, everybody was gathered around the monitors, and trying on instruments was the cherry on top!

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By this time, everybody knows that we like to offer fun and useful gifts at our events, so this important evening couldn’t have been the exception. We had one lucky winner of a gaming monitor that can make any gaming lover’s heart pound! Gellert, we can’t wait for you to tell us what playing on your new monitor feels like!


Until next time we meet for tech nights and great times, enjoy these joyful pictures from last night! See you soon!

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