Human Direct’s initiative for #StandWithUkraine

Anne-Lise Brown
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Mar 02, 2022
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Every additional effort can contribute to making the #StandWithUkraine movement stronger. It is impossible to stay indifferent in times like these, but as devastating as the situation is we are not here to stand in fear, but to be the grounded, rational and solution-focused friends our Ukrainian neighbors need. Inspired by their leader, Zelensky, we aim for a proactive attitude that will keep things running amid this tragedy.

From day one of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the Human Direct team tried to help on an individual level by donating, buying the necessities for the refugees, gathering boxes of food and diapers for the collecting points in our city, Cluj-Napoca. Our IT colleague created a separate platform on our website for the Ukrainian refugees where we encourage companies, IT and non-IT as well, to post their open jobs in order to help the Ukrainians slowly build their lives back. We are all doing our small part in this situation, but we believe together we can be stronger.

We looked into the practical ways in which we, as Human Direct, can help by using our expertise, and our “battle plan” is to team up with IT companies.

Teaming up with companies to raise €20,000


Together we can raise up to €20,000!

Our Senior Consultants/Account Managers, Lia Bălan and Mădălina Nastasă will offer 30 min consultancy sessions for IT companies. In these sessions, you can learn about the IT market in Romania, salary ranges and expectations of developers, marketing research, effective compensation & benefits systems, trends in offering the candidates, and other highly valuable information when being part of such a competitive industry. All the money raised will be donated and used to buy the necessary products for the Ukrainian refugees.

We usually provide this service only to our partners, but now any IT company can reach out to us and, for two weeks, Lia and Mădă will each dedicate 4 hours/day to these sessions, meaning 16 sessions/day in total. The price of a session is €100, so the total value of the sessions offered by Human Direct will add up to €16,000. Considering that is a humanitarian cause, it is up to each company to decide if they want to donate more. We are hoping that together with the financial contributions of Human Direct we will raise up to €20,000.

Another group of refugees will come to Cluj soon enough and we want to be prepared with the fund and buy the things they need most. They will probably need even more support and help than the first ones to cross the border. Food donations are already enough, but having the money raised will ensure that providing beds, or other products that couldn’t be covered by civils won’t be a problem.

Companies can access the links to their calendars and schedule the consultancy sessions:

Psychological safety

On another note, we are keen on taking care of the kids’ psychological safety, by gathering toys and clothes for them at our office on street Racoviță 14, Cluj-Napoca, every day between 9:00-17:00. In times of distress, a small toy to hold on to can be the most precious, calming thing for a kid. Please write down the approximate appropriate age for the donations on the boxes.

Other ways to help us raise the donations or buy the needed products for the Ukrainian refugees that will arrive in Cluj? A simple share could help make this information reach the HR departments of the IT companies, and together we can have a big impact.

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