Early Start 2020 Program

Csaba Balázs
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Nov 25, 2019
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Hey there. Nice to meet you :)

Are you planning your recruitment budget for 2020? Great! Or you’ve already planned it? Wow, even better, you’re definitely on the best road for fast hires.

Your day is about to get better. Keep reading.

We have just kicked off our Early Start 2020 program, and now is the time to get going. The program is especially great for companies that want to grow fast and get a head start in the new year but can be equally good for companies that are not rushing. Hurry up, the program is a limited time and seat offer.

Act now!

  • Time limit: until 20th December 2019
  • Seat limit: up to 15 new recruitment campaigns

So, what are the benefits of the Early Start 2020 program? Well, let’s see:

  1. Promotional price with 15% off the regular price
  2. No cure – no pay: No upfront payments (none, kein, ninguna, nessuna, aucun) for the campaigns you start with us until the programs time limit ends
  3. Included 90 days warranty (no questions asked, we’ll refund or replace ASAP)
  4. We guarantee a minimum of 5 candidates will have a technical interview with you; (Valid only for campaigns with a reasonable pipeline, a minimum of 150 candidates that fit the selection criteria)
  5. No maximum limit of candidates, we’ll stop recommending candidates when the role is filled
  6. Weekly reports on how the campaign is going

In return we want only two things:

  1. Sign up for the program by scheduling a call with Ana, our Head of Recruitment
  2. Give us as many details as possible about the roles and an open channel (and mind) for communication;

By doing all this it’s possible for:

  1. Candidates to end up in better workplaces
  2. Clients to reach hiring and business goals
  3. Us to have an immense satisfaction we have successfully accomplished our goals (see the first 2 points 😀)

Recruiting is a common goal, let’s do this together.

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