Andreea’s Surprise B-Day Party at Human Direct

Andreea Laza
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Jul 31, 2017
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July is always full of events at Human Direct, and all of them indeed pleasant. Before celebrating Lia’s 4th year onboard we had another cheerful event, right at the beginning of the month. We’re talking about Andreea Măjeri’s birthday.

For this we had to do a little something special, because we truly appreciate her hard work, but also her bubbly personality, always positive and always friendly. And we figured an American inspired „party” would be perfect for this event. We chose the theme because she was fascinated with the American culture when traveled and worked there. It was an important part of her life because she’d learned a lot from her work experiences there. We held the anniversary party 4 days after her actual birthday because some of us were on vacation. Hence she was very surprised because she didn’t see it coming at all.

But we have to admit it. We couldn’t have done this all by ourselves, so we asked the help of Sasa Party, our partners in crime every time we want to plan a surprise party.

The theme of the party was American Girl with a personalized décor in the colors of the American flag. We created a great atmosphere and we came up with a fun game for Andreea. Each of us had to put three birthday wishing for Andreea inside balloons and Andreea had to pop the balloons using an arrow. Then she had to read the messages and guess who wrote each.

We had a great laugh, especially when she read the funny descriptions and she managed to guess correctly who wrote them. One of them was this one: „If I were to associate your personality with that of an animal, I would choose the "Smart Doggie" - very jovial, sociable, friendly, and a very fast learner. Stay the same!” Or this one: „I wish you a "pretty" happy, dynamic and joyful year!”

At HumanDirect we believe that the most important resource in any company are the people who make it. And we also love cake. And parties. Birthdays are not only joyful, but also good for your health, so they say. Studies show that people who have celebrated more birthdays live longer. In this regard, Andreea we wish that you will celebrate many more birthdays, at least as cheerful! Happy Birthday, once again, from the entire Human Direct team. And here are a few photos from Andreea’s b-day.

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