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Anca Magyar
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Nov 27, 2016
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As promised, we are up to a lot these days and we want to share with you our events and surprises.

Remember your first day at a new job? Filled with expectations and challenges, but also that huge pressure to make a good impression? Is it me, or is everybody a bit scared and doubtful when it comes to entering a totally unknown environment?

Because Human Direct always has the human approach as a core focus, we thought we could make this day easier for you. Sharing is a vital life skill and it is a great way to show your team spirit.

So when you shyly enter the kitchen during lunch on that first day, facing those curious looks of your colleagues, you get Surprise! your own creamy chocolaty sweet slice of heaven, which you can share with everyone. How is that for a first impression?Yes, each and every candidate who has been recruited by Human Direct, receives a delicious surprise cake on their first day at work.Our photo gallery will convince you even more about the tastiness of our surprise, especially since the delivery service was uniquely special: our top two recruiters, Lia and Andreea, got to hand out the cakes to their lucky owners.

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So many of our candidates gave us delightful responses to our gesture, telling us how easy it was to approach everybody after sharing something sweet with the new team. Human relations, team spirit are key elements to any successful business and this is our way to contribute to that, to give challenging beginnings a helping hand.

Given that the season of presents and baking cakes is upon us, we hope you will feel inspired to share, to invest something sweet why not, in your relationships with your colleagues!

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