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Senior level • Full-time • On-site • Cluj-Napoca


Our partner is the Cluj-based office a Dutch-founded smart software house. Developing eBusiness solutions that empower people in a connected world. They’re on a mission to empower people by developing smart solutions to global challenges, with their multinational-scale business expertise across eCommerce, hospitality, data security, eMobility, and more. And because here people come first, they always put personal and professional development at the heart of their team. Creating a progressive and supportive working environment for their employees, partners, and customers. Apply to learn more about their career opportunities.

They’re developing the future. Together.

The Software Architect designs and develops software systems and applications. He may create software tailored to a clients’ specific needs or create products geared for consumers. He acts as a high-level decision-maker in the process, determining everything from design choices to technical standards, such as platforms and coding standards. He/She must be technically inclined, a great problem-solver, and possess excellent interpersonal relationship skills. He/She should also work well under pressure and tight deadlines.

Main responsibilities:

  • Develop Software Solutions

The Software Architect must be able to evaluate and identify software solutions. His job often begins by working with a client to discuss what they need their custom software to do or looking at poor-behaving software and finding ways to improve it. If creating consumer products, they may look at similar existing products and find ways to better them or revolutionize them. The Software Architect must conduct research, gather information, interpret data, and then create a solution.

  • Lead Projects

The Software Architect will be expected to act as the lead person on all software development projects. The analysis, design, programming, testing, and deployment are all managed by the Software Architect.

  • Document Projects

Documentation is a very important part of the Software Architect’s job. Every aspect of a system or application must be thoroughly recorded. These documents will serve as references for new employees and for future maintenance of the system. Software Architects must be able to communicate well through writing and be able to create flowcharts and diagrams.

  • Mentor Subordinates

Coaching and mentoring one’s development team is a common requirement of the Software Architect. They are expected to share their skills and expertise with their colleagues as well as set a positive example for them. They need to be able to encourage their team members to think creatively as well as keep them motivated.

Technical skills:

  • Extensive experience in implementing complex software solutions by means of multi-paradigm programming languages and advanced computer systems knowledge

  • Understanding of the entire programming stack starting from a low programming level (e.g. CPU, Memory, Cache, Memory Addressing, Assembly Code, Linking, Compilation, JIT Compilation, Garbage Collection)

  • Practical production-level experience in using multiple (at least two) technologies, spanning across multiple paradigms (e.g. Object-Oriented, Imperative, Functional, Logical)

  • Has significantly contributed to the application design and implementation of a production-level framework

  • Extensive experience in following written and verbal requirements, performing code reviews on mission-critical code, code auditing, and software testing at various levels. Understands and is able to successfully apply software security principles ( e.g. Understands the principles behind cryptography and basic algorithms (e.g. RSA, MD5, SHA-1/2), digital signatures, and digital certificates.)

  • Extensive practical experience in applying advanced data structures and algorithms in mission-critical production-level code and optimization tasks. ( e.g. Knowledge of advanced algorithms beyond the most popular ones (e.g. Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, Fibonacci Search Technique, Timsort, LL/LR Parser).)

  • Can estimate and commit to estimations given for large projects (e.g. 2000h+) – including projects not managed directly

Other Skills:

  • This is a critical role in the organization. The expectancy is the kind of technical leadership that can inspire people and guarantee professionalism and quality in the technical deliverables

  • Since the quality is something that the customer is perceiving, this person must be able to relate very well to the customer needs, even when the customer "doesn't know what he needs"

  • He will work closely with the Product Owner in managing the entire lifecycle of a product - from defining the technical solution, the POC, best practices, etc to implementing (needs to know how to code) new frameworks.


  • Proven experience as a software architect

  • Experience in software development and coding in various languages (C#, .NET, Java, Python, Django, etc.)

  • Excellent knowledge of software and application design and architecture

  • Excellent knowledge of UML and other modeling methods

  • Familiarity with HTML/CSS, JavaScript and UI/UX design

  • Understanding of software quality assurance principles

  • A technical mindset with great attention to detail

  • High quality organizational and leadership skills

  • Outstanding communication and presentation abilities

  • MSc/MA in computer science, engineering, or relevant field

Working hours:

Monday-Friday 8 hours/day, with a one-hour lunch break


Not Applicable

Occupational risks:

Not Applicable

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