Data Infrastructure Engineer

Senior level • Full-time • Remote în Romania


About our partner

Our partner believes anyone can sell you utilities. They stop you from having to think about them.

Our partner bundles together all your household services - gas, electricity, broadband, mobile, and insurance - into one, great value monthly bill.

They're also one of the UK's biggest, home-grown success stories of the last 20 years - now an FTSE-250 business and knocking on the door of £1 billion in annual revenue. But they’re only just getting started...

A bit more about our partner

In two decades of phenomenal change and growth at the company, there are two things that have remained constant:

  • They offer permanent peace of mind. People can switch once, be sure of great value, and never need to think about utilities again.
  • They don't sell directly to people - they have 45,000 partners around the country who recommend their services to people they know.
  • And they give their people the platform to achieve both their professional and personal ambitions:
  • They deliver quickly, keeping processes light and teams autonomous.
  • They like to experiment, don’t appreciate big egos, and believe in debate, collaboration, and learning.
  • They want to operate in a less heavy way, reduce delays and make things simpler.
  • They don’t believe in ivory tower leadership. Our partner’s leadership team is hands-on and rolls up their sleeves to mentor and support their employees.
  • They care about how they deliver and who they work with. They enjoy working on interesting problems with smart people and understand that if it was easy, it wouldn't always be fun.

Technology at our partner:

Our partner wants to use the best tools for the job, their teams have autonomy and take responsibility for technology choices. They value decoupling and avoid vendor lock-in at every opportunity. Their systems are eventually consistent, event-sourced, designed after their business domain and deployed in a distributed, micro-service architecture.

By popular choice they are primarily a Go house with a frontend powered mostly by Typescript rolled React/GraphQL duo; they like experimenting, there’s more Rust and WebAssembly (WASM) coming up, but you will also find staples like Python or Java.

They’re into cloud-native and Kubernetes, if it containerizes it fits, some examples include: CockroachDB, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MongoDB for storage; Kafka, nats for brokers; Prometheus, Grafana, Loki for instrumentation; Kustomize, Kube-applier for deployment and operations.

If it can be open-sourced, it shall. If they can submit a PR instead of building their own, they will. Getting your hands dirty from the top to the bottom of the stack isn’t a promise to be broken, it’s a requirement. If you’re only good at parts of it that’s okay, they’ll support you in getting good at all of it.

What our partner is looking for

They are looking for true technologists with a genuine interest in what they do daily. They are interested in both specialists and generalists; they strongly believe in lean methodologies, autonomy, DevOps culture, cross-discipline, and above all in getting things done and out there in front of their customers.

That sounds great, but what will you be doing?

  • Design, build, deploy and support the Data Infrastructure Platform:
    • Core infrastructure and tooling for teams enabling distributed data ownership (aka Data Mesh)
    • Using the right tech for the job, currently: Go, Kafka, Kubernetes and Terraform to build Microservices for customer-facing teams in our event-sourced ecosystem
    • Collaborate with Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Product Engineers to understand their needs
  • Be part of the wider tech community of our partner to input into technical decision-making across the stack

You’ll love working with our partner if you...

  • If your interests span technologies from frontend to Linux containers you will find plenty to do there - if you rather concentrate on architecture or React.js then there's plenty of that too.
  • enjoy and have experience of working in a consumer-facing, highly visible, delivery-focused, and fast-paced environment
  • are highly organized, professional and detail-oriented
  • are also pragmatic with an ability to see commercial, customer-centric solutions
  • obsess over the details but also love to paint a bigger picture
  • know your strengths, and recognize there’s always more to learn
  • appreciate and enjoy the challenges of working in the financial services regulatory ecosystem
  • are an empathetic team player who collaborates closely with others
  • embrace iteration and are comfortable with change
  • are motivated and ambitious, both for yourself and the business you work for

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