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Mid/Senior Front-end Developer

Job Summary

Our partner develops software that addresses the economic and financial departments of public institutions since 2013.

The main advantage is the combination of the vision of "seniors" with over 15 years of experience in this area (identification of opportunities, prioritization, clear specifications, etc.), with the enthusiasm of young people waiting and accepting challenges (innovation, modern technologies, etc.)

Currently, the company is working on an integrated financial/accounting system for public administration, with modules like budget, accounting, payroll and human resources, contract management, taxes and duties, quantitative value management, etc.

New colleagues will be directly involved in the development of these modules, so that previous experience in developing applications with an economic profile such as those listed above (which mainly manages numbers, performs calculations and automates processes) can be a major advantage.


  • Contributing to all stages of software application development based on well-defined specifications, created by specialists in the field:
    • Abstracting and modifying the requirements taken in the form of Use-Case, mockup in Excel, and the data model with which the API interacts;
    • Design and development of the user interface (AngularJS or React);
    • Deployment;

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in frontend development with AngularJS and/or React.


  • Competitive salary, based on performance and results
  • Work-laptop
  • Flexible work schedule
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