Senior level / Full-time / On-site / HDSCE007

DevOps Engineer

Job Summary

We are one of the few companies in Eastern Europe focusing on Python Software Development, a dynamic high-level programming language that emphasizes a simple and clean code.
We were born in 2013 as a subsidiary of two Dutch companies with many years of experience, dedicated teams of professionals and hundreds of satisfied customers across the globe.

We're looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team.

  • You'll maintain our cloud infrastructure. Our system, which crawls and enriches open data from the Internet, handles massive amounts of data daily and provides near real-time search interface for our users. You'll manage the monitoring and analytics of the infrastructure and keep it healthy and performant.
  • You'll develop our DevOps tooling: Provisioning automation, deployments, testing, backups and anything that will make your and the whole team's life easier. You'll evaluate, design and implement tools to accomplish that.

We expect

  • Solid knowledge on Linux system maintenance
  • Experience on a configuration management tool such as Ansible, Terraform or Chef
  • Experience on monitoring tools such as Datadog, Zabbix or Grafana Experience on using and configuring a cloud platform such as AWS or Azure
  • Knowledge or experience on good software development practises: revision control, peer reviews, testing, documentation, etc. and knowledge of at least one programming language such as Python or Ruby.
  • Excellent ability to communicate with your team members and other parties, both face-to-face and in writing.

We will consider experience and knowledge on these things to be a plus as well:

  • Cl systems, e.g. Jenkins, Travis or Drone
  • Document search systems, e.g. Solr or Elasticsearch
  • System security
  • Containers (Docker/Kubernetes)

linux ansible TerraForm Chef datadog zabbix Grafana AWS azure python Ruby Jenkins travis drone Solr ElasticSearch containers Docker kubernetes
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