Business Developer/Account Manager

Mid-level • Full-time • On-site • Cluj-Napoca

Job Summary

We are focusing on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver memorable experiences for developers and their future employment. Our winning solutions start with having a technical team empowered to change and even provide a more engaging software developer experience. We act globally; we have open positions from graduate trainees to senior management in Europe and the USA.

We are a professional IT Recruitment team focusing first on human choices. Our approach is different for an IT recruitment agency. We care about the choices every developer makes for his/her high growth. In the recruitment model, we set strategies to improve the hiring and on-boarding processes’ quality, adding significant value to innovative businesses. We value most human relationships that we are trying to create during tech recruitment.

Our experience is beyond the recruiting service; it’s about human approach.

Key responsibilities of the department

If you are an energic person with a passion for the IT industry and Human Resources, this job is for you. Those working in the IT industry are remarkable people, the candidates and also those who are in charge of building the teams, and it was one of the reasons why we specialised on IT Recruitment and has become our identity.

This is more than a simple Business Development role, it's about helping Human Direct fulfill the plans for 2020 in 6 different areas:

  1. grow our presence on the national market
  2. enter the European market
  3. developing the IT Recruiters’ Network in Europe
  4. building the Human Direct product
  5. continuing Approach Academy
  6. bringing webinars to our public.

Your role will be to understand the client’s hiring needs (IT company), consult with the Head of Recruitment and elaborate a personalised offer that will help the client to reach their recruitment objectives. There is no need for knowing sales techniques or being a fierce salesperson, but rather genuine interest and openness to understand the client and come up with the best solution.

If you are thought-oriented and enjoy analyzing reports together with our team, you will be successful in presenting the chances of success on every new IT Recruitment project, in the most realistic way. This is the Business Developer component.

One of our core values is building trusting relationships by communicating transparently and sincerely. You will be responsible for keeping in contact with our clients and generating reports from our ATS in order to keep them updated about the recruitment process. And we don’t just say we love IT, we actually use a lot of technology to optimize every single process (we have over 40 IT solutions implemented in our workflow). So you will find it easy to have an overview of the recruitment processes and gather all the information the client needs. This is the Account Manager component.

What you will do?

  • Attracting new client companies for two of our services: HD Platform and IT Recruitment Services
  • Conducting negotiation talks for every new request together with a Senior Consultant
  • Putting together customised offers for the prospecting clients
  • Act as a single point of contact on the entire collaboration with the client
  • Weekly and monthly reporting to our clients (extracting data about pipelines from out ATS)
  • Building and maintaining a close relationship with HR specialists and Hiring Managers in order to understand the recruitment vibe
  • Daily presence in standup
  • Using the IT solutions to generate eligible candidates from our large database
  • Promoting the Human Direct brand and growing its visibility on the market

What you need?

  • Basic knowledge about HR and Recruitment. We offer a complete training on these topics and also give you access to resources in order to get accustomed with the industry
  • Negotiating skills
  • Logical thinking and inclination towards analysis
  • Previous experience in client-facing roles
  • Passion for the IT industry and appetite for learning more
  • Energy to keep up in a very fast-paced environment
  • Organised and open to integrating IT solution in your workflow
  • Proficient in English - more than half of our request comes from foreign companies

Why join us?

  • Half of our team are organisational psychologists who know a thing or two about healthy work systems, that will generate intrinsic motivation and work satisfaction
  • You will join us in the scaling period of our business, when we enter the Europe market, launch a new product on IT market and grow our team nationally
  • We have very well defined procedures for the induction period, so you will find easy to learn about us and our way of working
  • We have a well established PDP (Personal Development Plan) that helps us follow your professional progress and register your achievements - includes trainings and workshops
  • 6 months performance review
  • You get to participate in the most important IT events in Cluj-Napoca and not only, and have the opportunity of building a great network of professionals
  • We encourage remote and smart work and strongly discourage over hours
  • Office in the heart of Cluj, with a lovely garden where we love to celebrate every success (be it small or big) and important events of our colleagues

Apply and let's have a talk!

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