Go Software Engineer

Mid-level • Full-time • Remote in Romania

Job Summary

Engineering at our partner

  • Our partner’s philosophy revolves around getting things done. They deliver with small, fully autonomous teams that have real ownership of their products using a cutting edge stack in a best-idea-wins meritocracy.
  • They use the best tool for the job. Go and React are their bread and butter but nothing is stopping you from reaching for something else if it does it better.
  • They deploy to Kubernetes across AWS and GCP with some help from Terraform. They run a mature event sourced microservice architecture using Kafka, NATS and GRPC.
  • As much as is possible they code in the open on GitHub. If it can be open- sourced, it shall. If they can submit a PR instead of building their own, they will.
  • Getting your hands dirty from the top to the bottom of the stack isn’t a promise to be broken, it’s a requirement.
    If you’re only good at parts of it that’s okay, they’ll quickly make you good at all of it.


  • Gain an understanding of the business context of the team and area
  • Contribute effectively to all parts of the development lifecycle, including defining requirements
  • Write readable, well-documented code and test it appropriately
  • Define tasks and design and deliver simple and effective solutions, taking into account both technical and business requirements
  • Identify and communicate project roadblocks
  • Review other engineers’ code and provide constructive feedback
  • Work with their team to optimise work processes and deliver projects as efficiently as possible


As SEs work more with their team, they should aim to improve their general awareness of the “bigger picture” aspects of project delivery (workflow, domain modelling, their team's platform architecture). They should also aim to improve their teamwork and people management skills.

In this role you can expect to:

  • Software Engineers (SEs) are the core of their team, providing the majority of its output. They take an active role in every aspect of the software development lifecycle: requirements, design, development, deployment, maintenance and support. They are able to work through problems independently and write good quality code.
  • SEs still operate under the supervision of senior team members, and most of their work will be assigned to them by Senior/Staff Software Engineers.
  • Technically, SEs have strong problem-solving and coding skills. They are familiar with our partner’s technology and the systems they use, and can anticipate problems before they arise. SEs are also strong team players, communicating and collaborating with their team to handle larger projects. They may be required to assign tasks to ASEs and provide feedback on their work.
  • General teamwork skills (particularly providing constructive feedback and communicating ideas/problems) and project management are essential soft skills for an SE.

What is our partner offering?

  • Competitive Salary, Benefits, and stock options in a growing FTSE250 business
  • Flexible working, they’ve got fully remote teams, onsite, early risers, and late-night grinders, for our partner it matters what they’re working on more than where.
  • Work / Life balance that actually encourages you to switch off
  • Mentors and Teachers a plenty, with so many brilliant minds in one place there is always someone you can lean on for support and guidance.
  • Choose your own tools, whether it’s hardware or software, you choose the tools you need to get your job done
  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays
  • Discount on our partner’s services

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