Engineering Team Lead

Senior level • Full-time • Remote in Romania

Job Summary

Engineering at our partner

  • Our partner’s philosophy revolves around getting things done. They deliver with small, fully autonomous teams that have real ownership of their products using a cutting edge stack in a best-idea-wins meritocracy.
  • They use the best tool for the job. Go and React are their bread and butter but nothing is stopping you from reaching for something else if it does it better.
  • They deploy to Kubernetes across AWS and GCP with some help from Terraform. They run a mature event sourced microservice architecture using Kafka, NATS and GRPC.
  • As much as is possible they code in the open on GitHub. If it can be open- sourced, it shall. If they can submit a PR instead of building their own, they will.
  • Getting your hands dirty from the top to the bottom of the stack isn’t a promise to be broken, it’s a requirement.
    If you’re only good at parts of it that’s okay, they’ll quickly make you good at all of it.

Impact, Output and Outcomes

  • The impact of a good Engineering Team Leader is for the most part measurable in the long term. They ensure that members of their team have the skills, tools, and supportive atmosphere to do their best work. They create an environment of trust and transparency, they shield from distractions to create focus, and they campaign for resources when needed to get the right skills and people make up (training, hiring needs).
  • Engineering Team Leaders make sure their team's processes enable high quality, valuable and productive work at a sustainable pace. They facilitate and lead conversations to evolve the way their team works to ensure continuous high performance. They make sure essential team and cross team meetings happen and are effective, and that decisions made there are captured and communicated.
  • They make sure the team has the context they need to make effective decisions and do their best work. For example, this could be ensuring team members understand the "why" behind their goals and deliverables, how their work fits in with UW's goals and OKRs, or raising awareness of what others are working on.
  • Additionally, an Engineering Team Leader has significant impact through line managing people and making sure they develop and hone the skills that make them successful or even progress to the next step on their path.


  • Engineering and technical
  • Ensure their team’s work is up to standards
  • Still do some hands-on technical work as per previous IC roles


  • Able to manage their team’s delivery and workload, and makes sure the team delivers good
  • quality, valuable work at a good and sustainable pace
  • Comfortable with agile practices, facilitates continuous improvement in their team


  • Act as a leader and stakeholder for the technical roadmap of their area
  • Create visibility to their team of upcoming work; Expand the horizon on the team backlog; Bring in wider context relevant to the team


  • Responsible for shaping good habits and creating a good rhythm for their team
  • Skilled at running effective meetings; Create room for quiet team members to voice their
  • thoughts
  • Line manage and coach people 1:1
  • Identify high and low performers, skill gaps, and headcount needs for the team
  • Make sure conversations that need to happen do happen and with the right people involved
  • Build and maintain an awareness of team dynamics at play and (to an extent) personal factors


  • Mostly leads by authority
  • Stays too close to hands-on coding at the detriment of team dynamics, knowledge or skills
  • Their team burns out or conversely their team is unmotivated and/or “slacking”
  • No gradual delivery; big bang delivery or tech only instead of “vertical slices of value”;
  • Line reports unhappy, not improving or progressing, “stuck in a rut"

What is our partner offering?

  • Competitive Salary, Benefits and stock options in a growing FTSE250 business
  • Flexible working, we’ve got fully remote teams, onsite, early risers and late night grinders, for us it matters what we’re working on more than where.
  • Work / Life balance that actually encourages you to switch off
  • Mentors and Teachers a plenty, with so many brilliant minds in one place there is always someone you can lean on for support and guidance.
  • Choose your own tools, whether it’s hardware or software, you choose the tools you need to get your job done
  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays
  • Discount on our partner’s services

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