UI Web Software Architect

Senior level • Full-time • Remote or Cluj-Napoca

Job Summary

Our partner combines innovation with great domain expertise to help market participants address the challenges of trading and maintain their focus on business growth.

They deliver fast, reliable solutions for connectivity, trading, and compliance. Customers rely on their solutions to consolidate their connectivity and trading infrastructure, addressing the full trade lifecycle across asset classes.

They have a unique design philosophy. Modular architecture with open interfaces to facilitate business-specific deployment as well as integration with third parties. This flexibility translates into agility for third parties, meaning faster time-to-market and the ability to quickly adapt to business needs and regulatory change.

The architecture team is driving our partner’s technology transformation from a legacy stack (Rich Client, On-Premise, Single Tenant, Monolithic Application) to a more Scalable approach (Web, Cloud-Based, Distributed Application). In this context, they are looking for a strong profile that has already taken part in a migration project like this.


The Architect will lead the transformation from .net Winform/WPF to a React-based application across multiple teams.

The first step of the migration mainly focuses on UI and Design System migration and migration from proprietary XML API to a gRPC API.

The architect will have the responsibility to drive the early adopter teams. Those teams will have to put in place the web & API foundation for other teams to use it.


  • Empowerment & accountability
  • Team spirit, building relationships, collective accountability
  • Oral and written communication skills, including the ability to explain technology solutions in business terms, establish rapport and persuade others
  • Strong knowledge of Web UI & API Best practices in order to help the team move forward in the right direction
  • Used to Agile approach

In order to successfully migrate their legacy platform, the approach is to migrate component by component, team by team.

Tech skills

  • React, TypeScript, Material-UI
  • Design Tooling: Figma, Storybook, chromatic
  • Tooling: Webpack, Gradle, npm
  • Other: gRPC, Micro Front-End

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