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We focus on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver memorable, pleasant, and efficient experiences for IT specialists on their path to future employment. We empower our tech-savvy teammates to do so.

We act globally, having open roles from mid-level development/QA/ to senior management in Europe and USA.

You'll find a professional IT Recruitment team focusing on human choices first in our midst. Our approach is different from an IT recruitment agency. We care about the choices our candidates make for their professional and personal growth.

In the recruitment model, we set strategies that can improve the quality of the hiring and onboarding processes, adding significant value to innovative businesses. Creating good connections and relationships during our tech recruitment activity is crucial to us.

Our experience is beyond recruitment, it’s about the human first approach.

At Human Direct, we are focusing on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver memorable experiences for developers and their future employment.

Our winning solutions start with having a technical team empowered to make a change and even to provide a more engaging software developer experience.

We act globally - from graduate trainees to senior management, from Romania all the way to the rest of Europe and even the USA, we try to cover diverse job openings with positions available to all levels.

Our experience is beyond the recruiting service, it’s about the human approach.

As an Office Manager at Human Direct you will have a great mission - to keep things running as smoothly as possible, while also overseeing administrative support. When it comes to describing our ideal candidate, we like to keep it short: results-driven, strategic in your approach to recruiting, and with excellent client engagement skills. You will work directly with our executive director, Erika, so you will be in good hands :)


  • Manage and coordinate all activities of the company

  • Create and implement the company’s policy

  • Write contracts and negotiates legal contractual clauses

  • Obtain approval for different situations that might appear

  • Collaborate with the HR department for creating policy and procedures for recruiting, counseling, and personnel training (SSM)

  • Manage the office equipment and close service and maintenance contracts for them

  • Make and update the inventory of office objects and supply

  • Prepare and send correspondence in the name of the company

  • Manage and pay the bills for utility bills, office supplies, and consumables

  • Ensure the availability of necessary supplies for the employees’ activity

  • Responsible for the office cleanliness and tidiness

  • Take care of the logistics for different meetings or gatherings.


  • Bachelor's degree in law, business administration, communications, or a related field

  • 2-5 years of work experience in an administrative/office management

  • Must have - exceptional attention to detail

  • Strong organizational and time management skills, and ability to prioritize

  • Must be driven and have the qualities of a self-starter

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong problem-solving skills and analytical thinking

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google software solutions

  • Logical thinking and inclination towards analysis

  • Passion for the IT industry and desire for learning more

  • Energetic and ready to keep up with a very fast-paced environment

  • Organized and open to integrating IT solutions in your workflow

  • Proficiency in English - more than half of our requests come from foreign companies

Why join us?

When you’re joining a team where half of the colleagues are organizational psychologists, one thing you can expect is healthy work systems, which will further generate intrinsic motivation and work satisfaction. Once you’re set on these areas, working flows smoothly and the office becomes a good place to find yourself in.

It’s a great time that you’ll be joining us, because we are in the scaling period of our business, on our highway to entering the European market, launching a new product in the IT market, and growing our team nationally!

Onboarding is something we like to think we’ve come to master. With very well-defined procedures, learning about us and our way of working will be easy peasy.

We prioritize development, and our well-established PDP (Personal Development Plan), which includes training and workshops, helps us follow your professional progress and register your achievements. Something you have to know from the very beginning is that we encourage remote and smart work and we strongly discourage over hours.

You will get to participate in the most important IT events in Cluj-Napoca and not only - a great opportunity to build a diverse and extended network of professionals.

Our lovely office is in the heart of Cluj, with a beautiful garden where we love to celebrate every success (be it small or big) and the important events in our team.


theBIG10 - 10 ani în 4 minute from Human Direct on Vimeo.

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