Character Creative Designer

Junior Level • Full-time • Remote in Romania

Job Summary

Our partner specializes in blockchain, smart contracts, tools and libraries development, project and product management, UI/UX design, and cryptocurrency wallet.

They've seen that businesses’ current bank accounts and payment services simply suck. Paying, receiving, and managing cryptocurrencies / digital assets do too.

Their solution to the above-mentioned problem is a complete cryptocurrency wallet that delivers a seamless, secure, and stable, end-to-end payment experience for both small businesses and individual users.

The role of the Character Creative Designer is to visualize and develop the look of animated or static characters for our own product (an NFT Marketplace). You need to work from the script or storyline to turn descriptions into images, to give form to personality and characteristics.

You’ll be playing the role of an illustrator, graphic artist and animator all rolled into one. For this role you’ll need to use computer graphics software and 2D or 3D modeling programs. However, we are expecting to be able to rely on traditional art to create your initial concepts in order to be as efficient as possible.

Must have attitude:

  • Be very artistic;
  • Be imaginative;
  • Be communicative;
  • Think outside the box;
  • Pay attention to details;
  • Be passionate;
  • Love what you do!

Software & Tooling:

  • Pencil, paper, ink, chalk, mixed media, etc to produce primary sketches;
  • The software used will depend on whether the projects are in 2D or 3D (It’s your call what software do you enjoy using! We will simply accommodate your preferences.).

Skills Required:

  • Strong drawing skills, with a specialization in character design;
  • Ability to draw in a variety of styles;
  • Knowledge of anatomy and zoology, costuming, physical settings and history-related references associated with character;
  • Solid awareness of facial expression, pose, posture, gesture and movement;
  • Visual storytelling skills;
  • Solid understanding of visual language - texture, color, dimension, scale, perspective, shade, composition, depth of field, proportion, spatial awareness, etc.;
  • Good communication skills, ability to explain concepts and support artistic choices;
  • Technical drawing skills;
  • Excellent time management skills, ability to consistently meet deadlines;
  • Team player, skilled at working independently.

Nice to have knowledge of the animation and/or game development process.

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