Site Reliability Engineer

Mid-level • Full-time • On-site • Cluj-Napoca

Job Summary

Our partner is an award-winning mobile games publisher based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Committed to working with world-class mobile game developers to create awesome free-to-play games for mobile devices, they’re best known for Zombie Gunship Survival, Nonstop Chuck Norris, Nonstop Knight and the Royal Revolt series.

They enable mobile game studios to create award-winning games throughout the world. Their commitment to operating awesome free-to-play games for mobile devices allows them to work with world-class mobile game studios from around the world.


Our SRE’s are responsible for ensuring the smooth and continuous operation of the backend systems serving our games. The SRE’s use their expertise to design scalable and reliable systems in The Cloud. They then use their DevOps mindset to build technologies which operate these systems automatically.

Your duties are to:

  • Build and Maintain backend infrastructure for games
  • Build and Maintain SRE software, tooling and systems to run those games
  • Participate in the on-call rotation
  • Consult with development teams for architecting scalable and reliable backends

We expect that you:

  • are willing to learn and grow on the job
  • are at home in a distributed team
  • can think independently, freely and work autonomously
  • have a desire to live and breathe Linux
  • are very experienced with AWS
  • can use an Infrastructure as Code Tool (Terraform or AWS Cloud Formation)
  • can use a Configuration Management Tool (Ansible, Chef or Puppet)
  • can code using one of (Python, Go, Java)
  • have knowledge of Linux Containers (Docker, Podman/Buildah or LXC/LXD)
  • have strong scripting skills (e.g. Bash, Python)
  • are a natural Source Code Management user (Git, Hg or Subversion)
  • are experienced in configuring and administering Monitoring Tools (CloudWatch, Prometheus, Graylog or Splunk or ELK Stack, Grafana)
  • have a practical knowledge of CI & CD and administering associated tooling (Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo)
  • are fluent in written and spoken English

As a bonus you also:

  • have experience being on-call
  • can effectively manage open source dependencies
  • have experience with Database Administration and optimization (Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB or Cassandra)
  • have experience with configuring and administering caching systems (Redis or Memcached)
  • know how to debug low level system issues
  • know additional tools from the Hashicorp suite of products (Packer, Vault, Consul)
  • have experience with other cloud/hosting providers (e.g. GCP, Digital Ocean)
  • know about a container scheduling platform (e.g. Kubernetes or Nomad)
  • can use other Programming Languages (NodeJS, C#, Ruby, C/C++ or Other)
  • know about different Software Engineering practices (e.g. TDD, OOP)
  • know of Agile methodologies and associated tooling (e.g. JIRA, Confluence)

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