Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior level • Full-time • On-site • Cluj-Napoca

Job Summary

Our partner is a market leader recognized for delivering solutions that support our customer in their journey into Digital Transformation. We pioneered WAN Optimization with SteelHead and have led the market we created for all of the past 12 years. Today, we have over 28,000 customers, including 97% of the Fortune 100 and 98% of the Forbes Global 100. With our Application Performance Platform, we provide integrated solutions for the interrelated challenges of hybrid enterprises in the cloud era. Our solutions for SD-WAN, for visibility across the hybrid enterprise, and for software-defining the edge enable companies to deploy and manage network services, applications, monitoring capabilities, and branch IT as intuitively as downloading apps onto your smart phone and as instantly as spinning up compute and storage resources into a public cloud.

Our partner is a pre-IPO opportunity with over $1 billion in revenue headquartered in San Francisco with branch offices around the globe.


Your responsibilities

  • Build automation using Python, Terraform and Ansible to build a scalable infrastructure in AWS and Azure cloud;
  • Use your strong python or any scripting skills to build an automation platform to seamlessly deploy the SteelConnect hosted service to our growing customer base;
  • Be on high alert to monitor the hosted service which enables our customer to route their network traffic swiftly and efficiently;
  • Have to be part of the rotational model to monitor the fleet, respond to alert and resolve issues sooner to meet our uptime SLA;
  • We need you to drive and determine the metrics that needs to be monitored to pro-actively find issues in the fleet;
  • Work closely with engineering in the design phase to make sure you can plan the deployment model for the service; Negotiate with the teams to make coarse correction to deploy at scale;
  • From the design phase of the product work closely with engineering to make sure the product follows a secure deployment model;
  • Think about security all the time and you will be responsible for deploying all the security measures by deploying a robust secured infrastructure;
  • Continuously monitor security design of the infrastructure and the deployment architecture of the product and look for possible attacks from new threats;
  • Help in making the infrastructure ready for SOCs compliance;
  • Follow the change management and incident management procedures to deploy securely in the SaaS environment;
  • Service our internal and external customers meeting the defined SLA;
  • Understand all the services provided by AWS and continuously reduce the cost of the service;
  • Will be hands on building and deploying Docker containers;

Your Qualification

  • 5 + years in the DevOps space or managing a SaaS/hosted service;
  • Bachelor’s degree in computers;
  • Hands on python or other scripting experience to transform a manual hand crafted work to end to end automation;
  • Have managed/deployed fleet with any of the leading configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef etc.;
  • Worked closely with the development team in designing the product for deploying a service at scale;
  • Managed 200 + servers on a day to day basis using automation;
  • Been supporting SaaS environment and was in a pager rotation;
  • Monitored a SaaS environment and was part of the monitoring building platform;
  • Strong Linux skills and have hands on experience to troubleshoot issues;
  • Hands on docker experience in previous roles;
  • Exposure in pipeline building and played a key role in continuous integration/Deployment;
  • In the current role should have worked with InfoSec team and understand the security requirements required in SaaS environment;
  • Experienced in AWS and Azure environments; Strong AWS expertise is a plus;

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